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5 Types of Advertising Suiting Present Scenario


5 Types of Advertising Suiting Present Scenario - Advertising is an art of communication which is used to influence the customers to buy a particular product. It can also be done to support political candidates or ideas. Usually, it includes information regarding the name of the product. Advertising also briefly explains about the benefits of a product to the buyer. Advertising is basically an attempt to persuade the customers to buy a given product.

1. Television advertising

Television advertising is one of the most effective types of advertising. Television has revolutionized our lives since the 20th century. Television advertising reaches the living rooms of people all across the world. All companies find Television advertising best medium for advertising. It is also a very interesting mode of advertising. People are able to relate very easily with the commercials. They get influenced very easily.

2. Radio advertising

Radio advertising can be very effective. It is very important too see that a very good voice is associated with the AD. Usually, the ad length of Radio advertising is around thirty seconds. Radio advertising form is very effective as it will be able to catch the ears of a lot of people at the same time. This mode of advertising is very cheap too. It must not be too long. In that case it would become very boring. It should be short and relevant.

3. Print advertising

Print advertising includes fliers, brochures, newspapers and magazines. Print advertising is a very old mode of adverting. The newspapers and magazines sell their space for advertisements. Print advertising is also very effective. This form of advertising is not very cheap. The price of an advertisement depends on various factors such as location, size, color and graphics. The success of an adverting depends on the number of subscribers.

4. Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising includes billboards, kiosks, digital signage, trade shows and various out-of-home advertising. Outdoor advertising type of advertising takes place outside the house to the customer. This way has gained instant popularity as it is a very new method to gain instant popularity. The Billboards, kiosks as well as the trade shows are very important means of Outdoor advertising.

5. Airport advertising

Airport advertising is another very new means of advertising. People tend to spend a lot of time at the airport. Also, airports are future proof signage solution. Thus, Airport advertising is very effective as well as successful.

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