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21+ Picture Nail Cool Black-Eyed Susan 3D Floral Nail Art - This month's theme for The Lacquer Legion is "Garden" and, as I'm sure many others did, I chose to do floral nail art. Florals are something I've done a lot of, so I did two things to make this one stand out from my other manicures. First: I wanted to represent a specific type of flower, namely, black-eyed Susans. Second: I got the idea to put flocking powder in the centers to make them look more realistic and add a bit of texture and depth!

Nail polishes used in this nail art include:

Misa Ripe Raspberry - pink base

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cute little girl nails

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cute girl acrylic nails

little girl acrylic nails

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky - yellow petals

Zoya Arizona - orange detailing

Zoya Louise - dark brown centers and detailing

Misa Lime Love & Zoya Hunter - mixed to create green stems

To make the fuzzy centers, paint on polish where you want the fuzzies to be. I used topcoat to adhere the fuzz to my nail, but you could also choose a polish that matches the color of your fuzz. Then, using tweezers, drop flocking powder on to the wet areas of polish. Gently press the powder down into the polish, let set, and use a fan brush or fluffy makeup brush to gently dust off the excess.

I finished the flowers with polish and topcoat before going back and adding in the fuzzy centers. Since you shouldn't topcoat over flocking powder, you want to make sure you do your topcoat beforehand so the nail art is flattened, smoothed, and protected.

I'm really REALLY happy with these. The fuzzy centers pop even more in person and add some awesome dimension to the flowers.