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150 Best Law Firm Websites

What are Best Practices for Law Firms? - We have very detailed articles about best practices located in our blog. To help you find some law firm website design inspiration, our favorites are 2021 Law Firm Marketing Guide, 7 Tips for Award-Winning Brands, and 5 Best Practices for Conversion.Do you have long-term contracts for your website designs?

No. We do not believe in vendor lock-in, which often happens with most web design companies. Yes, we have a contract for the initial website design that outlines our price and deliverables. But once the site is complete, you are outside of a contract. If you want to work with a different website maintenance team, different web host, or a different marketing company after launch, then you are free to do so. We, of course, provide all those services and would love to have you as an ongoing clientHow long does it take to design a law firm website?

We have four levels of design at PaperStreet, so the time line varies by complexity of the site. Essentials sites -- our most affordable law firm website design -- can be done in a few weeks. Our Plus and Custom level websites typically take a few months. Our Enterprise level sites can take 4 to 6 months (or longer for some law firms).How much does a law firm website cost?

As we mentioned above, PaperStreet accommodates a wide range of budgets with our attorney websites. We have 4 tiers, with our lowest level starting at a flat-rate fee of $4500 and we have gone to over $75,000 too. Our sales team will work with you to discuss all of the options that are available to you and help you build a high-performing website at a cost you feel comfortable with. What is included in a website redesign or new design?

A lot. For all our clients, we include the website design, website development, site architecture, content audit, ADA compliance, wireframes, branding, printer-friendly pages, stock photography, contact forms, content management system, SSL/TLS, unlimited pages in the CMS, custom home page design, custom sub-page designs (depending on the project), revisions and more. 

We even include SEO for all our websites (title tags, meta descriptions, best practices for content, XML sitemaps, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, rich snippets and more). For some clients, we include logo design, content writing and editing, animations, PDF printer-friendly pages, web hosting, website maintenance, branding, taglines, and other services.Are your websites mobile friendly?

Yes. Yes. Yes. We were one of the first web design companies for lawyers to produce a responsive website. This is where the website changes shape depending on whether you are browsing on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. In order to have one of the best law firm websites in 2021 your website MUST be mobile-friendly. What makes a good law firm website? What are your optional services?

Determining what makes the best  law firm website is really pretty simple: it’s a website with a significant return on investment (ROI.) Sure a great design will help bring in clients, but if you want a high-performing attorney website, you’ll want to include additional marketing features. 

We do a lot at PaperStreet. We offer internet marketing, SEO, PPC, newsletters and more. At any point during your web design process -- even long after your website is up and running -- our team members can discuss potential marketing strategies and what we think your site needs to outperform your competitors. Do your websites for law firms have SSL security?

Yes. We believe in encryption and all our WordPress websites come with a SSL.Are your websites search friendly and do they include SEO?

Yes, all our websites come with a base SEO package. This includes title tags, meta descriptions, best practices for content, XML sitemaps, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, rich snippets and more.Many design companies force us to choose between law firm website design templates. Do you provide custom website design?

Yes. We have won over 150 awards for our custom designs. In fact, we won 25 awards in 2017 alone! So yeah, we do a lot of custom design work.What type of input do I have in the website process?

Your law firm is integral in the entire process. We typically ask attorneys to complete a project brief and we have kick-off calls, during which time we get your feedback on our site architecture ideas. We also review branding with you and seek your input on the photography, messaging, content, and of course, the web designs. Prior to launch, we seek your input during the beta test and work with your team throughout the process.Do I own the copyright in the website?

Yes. Once our project is complete, you own the copyright in the design. With some of the other vendors, you do not own anything.Can I switch teams once my website is complete?

Yes. If you ever become dissatisfied with our team, you can always switch to another company for website maintenance and web hosting.How do I create a law firm website?

Designing your own website is definitely possible. Platforms like WordPress make it possible for you to use a law firm web design template that can get you up and running fairly quickly. 

Most attorneys, however, simply do not have the time to create their own website. Even once it’s made, do you have a support team to help if the site crashes or you need redirects? What about if your page speed is too slow?

Save yourself from the headaches that could come from designing your own attorney website. Contact our design team today and let’s help you create the right website for your law firm.