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India's Largest Insurance Ecosystem Aggregator

IRDA Direct Broker Code:IRDA/ DB 556/ 13

CIN:U66000MH2013PTC243810 The Coverfox AdvantageSIMPLEFASTRELIABLESECURE

SIMPLEEasiest way to get insured - Our algorithms do all the hard work for you, read between the lines, decode the terms and conditions, and make the purchase of insurance policy a cake walk for you.Plans explained in plain English. No research required.The process is completely online.Unbiased advice. Exceptional Experience.

Insurance buying process was never this easy. Get your insurance policy in your inbox within minutes & save money while you're at it!Get quotes from top insurers instantly.Compare plans. Save money by selecting the best plan.Use any online payment method and get policy instantly.

Our expert claims support team sets us apart. If you need a claim settled, they will fight for you with our partner insurerstill the rightful judgement is passed. We are a bunch of humans who care for their customers a lot.

Ramachandran D

"My first experience with Coverfox was an absolute delight. Their positive response and effective actions changed my opinion of the entire insurance segment. Hope they keep it up!"

SECUREData Security Guaranteed

Your data is private and stored in govt. Approved data centers. We don't sell it to anyone, nor will we ever share it without your consent. Data stored in ISO certified data centers only.Our data centers are PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH compliant.

JUST FOR YOUCoverfox Exclusive Services

FEATURES : We service your claim in 3 day or less We pick your car, get it repaired & drop it back Repairs, paper-work & payments - we do it all

Available for cars registered in major cities.

For Coverfox Life Insurance Customers

FEATURES :We ensure your nominee gets the rightful claim All your documents managed in a single app We help you to create your Will

Available for everyone who buys Life Insurance from Coverfox.

I'm impressed. You kept your word. Insurance process was completed in less than 4 minutes for my bike. Would recommend Coverfox to everyone who asks.

Business Consultant, Travel StartUp

Amazing customer service! Prompt response to all the queries and complaints and very user friendly UI with helpful executives.

After much search, finally I found all insurance companies under one roof on Coverfox. Easy to compare, choose, pay and get policy in few seconds! Excellent service!

It was a great experience, no commission, no waiting, some clicks and almost done. It took me sometime to buy my term insurance. Totally transparent.

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Coolest Startup of the Year

BW BusinessWorld Techtors

Ask us anything, we’d love to answer!

How is Coverfox different from other insurance marketplaces?

"We, at Coverfox, aspire to be your one-stop-shop, your go to place ever for anything related to insurance. This means:We tie up with all major insurers and let you compare, all in one place. So, you do not have to visit other websites or speak to other insurance companies. Its all here, under one website.We remove all the jargons from the policy details and explain everything in plain English.Our experts keep it simple. They really give advice, and not enforce a certain insurer to you.

But don't just blindly believe what we are saying. We have a 72% customer retention rate, which is the by far one of the best in the market. We are also the highest rated insurance website on Facebook and Google+. :)"

Coverfox is a licensed broker. Which means we are paid a commission for each insurance policy we sell, by the insurance companies. Does that mean you pay anything extra, other than your insurance policy premium? Nope. The commission is paid for by the insurer and not by you, the customer.

Does the commission make us biased for or against any insurance company? The answer is simply no, we cannot be biased as a broker. A broker is a customer's representative and is always for the customer and not for the insurance company.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through

Insurance is a regulated market. No insurance company, neither Coverfox nor any other agent can give you a deal cheaper than what the insurance company has set. It is illegal to do so. The best way to save money on insurance premiums is by comparing various insurance plans available and making an informed choice.