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Loans – Apply for personal loan, home loan, car loan at - Low Interest Rate Loan Offers in India:

The dictionary defines a loan as thus, ‘a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest’ and rightfully so, our entire civilization is built on the concepts of loaning and paying back. In modern day India, the middle class has emerged as an average marketer’s dream target, the playground for companies that deal in consumer products and consequently, the numero uno customer for the massively available loans. From homes to education, vehicles to vacations, if there is an expenditure angle involved, then there is a loan for it.

In terms of sheer volume and popularity, the banks have segregated the concept of loaning into various types. There is the personal loan, and as its name so aptly suggests, is an influx of monies that the receiver can use for whatever personal requirement or monetary contingency that he/she might have.

Not surprisingly, a home loan and car loan is intended for the purchase of a home and a car respectively, while an education loan helps the borrower cope with the high prices for a competent education these days. In India, almost all private and public sector banks count the aforementioned loan products as hot commodity in their respective portfolios and competition is ripe to attract a prospective customer’s undivided attention.

From varying interest rates to relaxed loan tenures, poaching strategies like the concept of home loan transfer- the shifting of home loan from one lender to another who offers a lower interest rate, to heavy discounts and offers, the string of available loan options are many.

How can anybody discriminate between these available choices? Explore, Why Apply for a Loan at

The urbane loan comparison website, BankBazaar, helps you sort through a plethora of probable loan options, through a simple and eye-pleasing interface, that is focussed on bringing both the pros and cons of the associated loan plan, on the proverbial table for your inspection. Why apply for a loan with BankBazaar? The following reasons form the crux of our offering to you-One Stop Shop for Multiple Products: Looking for a personal, home or car loan? Bank bazaar offers multiple competent choices in each case, based on your specific requirements. Lowest Interest Rates: Our association with market leaders like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and ICICI Bank help us score the lowest interest rates on personal, car or home loans for you.

Get Instant Quotes: Filling up a simple online form helps us evaluate the perfect loan options for you. Rather than spending a substantial amount of time in finding the right cut, relax, have some coffee. Simple Online Comparison: Various parameters are in play when loans are compared against each other for your specific suitability- rate of 4.

Interest, EMI, processing fees, customer feedback etc. With BankBazaar, never end up with an option that hasn’t been properly and profusely vetted. Transparent Workings: BankBazaar isn’t a mediator, a promoter or in cahoots with any bank.

Our assessment of the available loan options for you is always impartial and objective, such that you have every last shred of information to make that informed decision. Privacy: We treat your personal information with the highest of regards. The information you provide is only shared with your chosen lender, and never shared with a third party for any reason whatsoever. Trust: Top banks in India like HDFC, ICICI and Axis Bank swear by the Bank bazaar name.

Our reliable online technology has been powerfully adopted by these lenders to provide their customers the best loan experience on their own websites.

How to get a Loan in India through

Applying for a loan on Bankbazaar be it a personal loan, car or home loan, is a simple and intuitive process. The following lists the various steps involved-

Step 1- On’s homepage, access the navigational menu that is located at the top of the page and select the LOANS menu item. Next, select from the various loan options on offer. The choices include Personal Loan, Home Loan, Car Loan, Used Car Loan and Education Loan. Choose the option that is relevant to you by hovering your cursor over it. Spread before you are some popular loaning banks (with regards to the loan option selected) and the friendly ‘Get Quote’ and ‘Explore’ buttons. Clicking on either of these will open up a neat interface with a bunch of simple questions. Simply provide the requisite information and follow the simple wizard by responding to the various prompts. Next, spread before you are the various applicable loan options. It’s time to choose!

Alternatively, choosing the lender directly from this menu will allow you to properly check the features and benefits associated with this lender. The ‘Apply Now’ option takes this step further.

Step 2- You must compare between the various loan options before you and select the one that most appeals to your requirements and budget.

Step 3- After the submission of the online application, you will receive an instant e-approval from BankBazaar. This application is next transferred to your chosen bank from wherein a customer support executive will get in touch with you within a short duration of time. Meanwhile, you can track your application through SMS alerts and email.

Simple? Actually, it’s the coming together of various factors that help compare the different loan options available to you. Subscribing to BankBazaar helps save your time, money and efforts, while assuring you the best loan options that specifically address your exclusive requirements.

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