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Loans Canada | Personal Loans and Bad Credit Loans - Save time and money. Apply only once to find the best personal loan rate in Canada.

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Whether you need cash, want to build credit, get out of debt, find a broker or grow your business, Loans Canada has a solution for you. Select the service that best suits you to start.

Submit your application with Loans Canada to get started. Applying is fast, secure and easy. We only ask you the information required to find you the best possible offers.

Our technology automatically sorts through our provider network and sends you the best third-party offers by phone or email to help you reach your goals faster. Learning Center Learn From Canada's Loan & Credit Experts

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Save time and money with Loans Canada. Research and compare lenders before you apply. Share your experiences with Canada's top lenders.

Make Smarter Borrowing Decisions

Whether you have good credit or poor credit, building financial awareness is the best way to save. Find tips, guides and tools to make better financial decisions. LOANS CANADA LOOKOUT Looking Out For Your Best Interest

Car dealerships often overcharge Canadians with hidden fees. But one law firm has taken action in Quebec. Find out what you can do if a car dealer ove...

Learning Center Videos Learning Center Original Research Industry Spotlight What's happening with Canada's credit industry?

Canadian Actor Matthew Giuffrida has signed an exclusive, collaborative deal with Loans Canada, the country’s largest loan comparison platform.

Locator Find The Best Rate In Your Region Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy should I trust Loans Canada?

Launched in 2012, Loans Canada is Canada's original and most trusted loan comparison platform. Millions of Canadians use Loans Canada each year to learn about lenders, credit or to apply for loans and other financial services. We have worked hard to build relationships with Canada's best financial institutions to simplify the borrowing experience for all Canadians.

Today, we operate the largest lender network and most comprehensive credit learning portal in Canada. Since our launch, we have been featured on television, radio, magazines and newspapers, and on large media outlets such as CBC News, The National Post, The Financial Post, and The Toronto Star. Visit this page to see some of our media features or this page to learn more about our story.Why should I apply with Loans Canada instead of with a lender directly?

In short, you'll save time and probably a lot of money! It's important to compare different options instead of going with the first one you find. If you apply with one lender and get rejected, you'll have to restart the process with another lender. Loans Canada simplifies this process with a single, unified application that connects you to the best loan offers.Can I apply even if I have bad credit?

Yes! We know that many Canadians face challenges in qualifying for loans and other services due to their credit score. However that does not mean no solutions exist. In fact, our platform enables Canadians to qualify for any loan regardless of their credit score.What is the interest rate of a bad credit loan?

It depends on your financial profile and varies on a lender by lender basis. Some lenders don't even look at your credit score and look at other factors, such as income and employment, before making their approval decision. Usually the cost of a loan is associated with the level of risk associated with the borrower, and that depends on multiple factors.Are your services really free?

Yes! All of our resources and services are 100% free to use. We earn a small fee from financial service providers only when a user uses our platform to find a solution. That's why it's in our best interest to connect you, the user, with the best possible solution each and every time.Does Loans Canada check my credit score?

No. If you apply for a service using our website, we only collect the minimum amount required for you to qualify with a provider but at no point does Loans Canada check your credit score.

Loans Canada Services Are 100% Free. Disclaimer