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Online home loans and car loans - For customers experiencing hardship due to flooding please message us through Smart Money and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The total amount you wish to borrow.

This is why you need a loan if you are buying, refinancing or building your home or investment property.

The difference between owner-occupied residences and investment properties comes down to what you intend to do with them. When you're buying a home or apartment you intend to live in, it's called an owner-occupied property. If you plan to rent it to tenants or flip it, it's considered an investment. If you are buying a property this is for a property you previously don't own, Refinancing- is the process where you get a new mortgage for a current loan you already have. Building is when you are building a new home.

The total amount you wish to borrow.

This is why you need a loan if you are buying a new car, buying a used car from a dealer or refinancing your current car.

Smart Booster Home Loan1.85%discount var rate p.a.~2.21%comparison rate p.a.*

SPECIAL OFFERGet our lowest rate ever with the option to add an offset sub-account.

Green Car Loan2.89%variable rate p.a.^3.43%comparison rate p.a.^

SPECIAL OFFERGet a ‘green car’ rate discount if your car qualifies!

Whatever stage of the home loan journey you're at, we can help

I’m buying my next home

We can approve your application quickly to help you get the keys to your next home as soon as possible, and with our low rates, it's possible for you to own your home sooner.

At, we make it easy for you to start saving thousands on your home loan repayments, as soon as possible. You don’t even have to contact your old lender - we can do the hard work for you.

If you're buying an investment property, building an investment property or refinancing your investment loan, we make the home loan process simple, quick and hassle free, with great low rate investment loans.

I’m buying my first home

The friendly lending specialists at are here to help you as much as you need when buying your first home. We can walk you through all your options to find the right loan for you, and we have a number of handy guides and videos available to help with the process.

When you're building or doing major renovations, you have a lot on your mind. We can help take the stress out the finance with low rates and an easy online application so you can focus on the build.

We can offer extremely low rates because our online model is so efficient. Fewer overheads mean doing business costs less and those savings translate directly into lower interest rates and fees for our customers.

Australian based support team

We have an experienced, Australian based team. At every step of the way, you’ll talk to a real person from our friendly team of lending specialists who are here to help you.

We offer great low rates on our fixed, variable and split home loans. We also offer discounts for large deposits or customers with owner occupied and investment properties. Plus, you can choose either a low rate variable or fixed car loan, and a balloon payment may be optional.

By keeping our interest rates low and revolutionising the loan application process, we keep on winning awards for our products, innovations and customer service, year after year!

For both our home and car loans, you can find out if you pre-qualify in just minutes. The application process is simple, online, plus we’re here to help at each step of the way.

on Track is our online app which allows you to complete your home loan application on your device from initial contact through to settlement and beyond. In on Track you can complete your loan application in your own time, as it suits you.

Chat to a lending specialist today

Our friendly Australian-based lending and support specialists will help you get the keys to your dream home or car, sooner. Just book a call, we're here to help!

All online and great rates

Quick service. No ridiculous requests for documents to get loan. All online and great rates.

February 23, 2022We ended up paying lower rate a than our previous mortgage with a big 4 bank

To be honest, this process was fairly straightforward. What started with an online inquiry on their website chat with a representative moved very quickly to a pre-approval. From then on their online portal kept us updated and having the ability to follow the progress without having to pick up the phone was great. Overall from start to finish was a couple of weeks. Besides we consolidated and still ended up paying lower rate than our previous mortgage with a big 4 bank. Happily recommend them.

February 16, 2022We saved more money with

In one year we saved more money with than what we did with Suncorp in three years! All our mortgages are with The fixed rate with Suncorp was 3.99% initially and once the fixed period ended, they automatically applied a 5.49% rate. Needless to say we consider Suncorp a criminal organisation in comparison.

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